L&C Commentary

L&C Commentary

From the Campaign Team:

This month, Judge Birmingham enjoyed the privilege of appearing on the Law & Crime Network. The topics included competency in death penalty cases, gag orders and public trial considerations in the George Floyd case, the unrest in Portland, Ghislaine Maxwell, and the next steps in a case where DNA freed a man in Georgia. Take a look for these quotes:

7/15/20 – Keeping the Peace with Bob Bianchi.

  1. “A perception of unfairness needs to be reconciled, especially in 2020.” 6:00
  2. “The process applies to everybody regardless of the crime, and your job as the judge is to make sure that the facts come out in a courtroom regulated by the rules of evidence and not in the court of public opinion” 16:35
  3. “Can you imagine their surprise when, after having this horrific accident, they look up and Shaquille O’Neal is standing over them to help them out?” 19:45

7/24/20 – L&C Report with Stacy Delikat.

  1. “There has to be oversight and accountability in these courts so that if the public’s trust has been eroded, that trust can be restored.” 8:32
  2. “There is a feeling in the country right now that there are the haves and the have-nots in the criminal justice system. That is a major problem we need to tackle.” 29:50
  3. “We have to make sure we never stop seeking the truth in these cases.” 42:20