Re-Election Announcement

Re-Election Announcement

I am very excited to officially announce I am seeking my 3rd term as the Presiding Judge of the 292nd Judicial District Court. I remain fully dedicated to ensuring justice is served in each case, big or small, and maintaining the dignity of the process along the way. Thank you all for entrusting me with this awesome responsibility for these last two terms. I have learned a great deal from each of you, and look forward to learning more in the years to come. 

Please join me in thanking Jessica Esparza, the best Court Coordinator in the business for her hard work, dedication and resiliency since she took a chance on me and agreed to run the Court nearly 8 years ago. Deputy Sheriff Corey Martin has been my right hand man every day in Court, providing a constant calming presence even when tensions rise. It’s a very difficult job, and things change in an instant. He’s been up to the task each time. 

As you all may have heard, Peri Wood retired from being my Court Reporter at the end of 2020, and now works for Judge Shelton Gibbs in the 422nd Judicial District Court in Kaufman County. We first worked together when I was a new prosecutor in Judge Nelms’ court, and I was honored that she came to work with me when I took over the 292nd. She did a masterful job, and I learned a lot from her both as a lawyer and a Judge. I am pleased to announce that Kelly Simmons has agreed to take over as the official Court Reporter for the 292nd. She has broad experience as a reporter, and is a pleasure to work with. I am very proud to work with her. 

Finally, I’ve worked every day since the beginning with a small group of people who have continually impressed me with their expertise and professionalism: Staff Attorneys Kerry Young, Christina O’Neil, and Drew McKimmey, Probation Officers Melissa Burke and Carol Sanders, and Public Defender Cliff Duke. 

There are many others I need to thank, of course, but I can’t possibly name them all. Let me just say instead that I am truly grateful for their wisdom and guidance.

Here’s to term #3. Thank you all.