Podcast Website Launched; McVeigh v. USA Hosted on Law & Crime

Podcast Website Launched; McVeigh v. USA Hosted on Law & Crime

Judge Birmingham launched “AMurderousDesign.Com,” a collection of materials related to his documentary podcast “A Murderous Design.” The new website has links for each podcast, scripts and citations for each episode, and an interactive “Trial Visualization Report” for each historic trial: Timothy McVeigh, Jack Ruby, Charles “Tex” Watson, Charles Albright-a.k.a. The Eyeball Killer, and the Trinity River Massacre.

Judge Birmingham released his most recent case study called “Timothy McVeigh vs. The USA: A Case Study of the Oklahoma City Bombing Trial” in April. He is excited to announce that the podcast is now being carried on Law and Crimes’ podcast page. The first 6 episodes of this documentary podcast cover the fascinating 1997 federal trial. In the next 3 episodes, you’ll hear in-depth interviews with 3 lawyers directly involved in the trial: Prosecutor Larry Mackey, and Timothy McVeigh’s defense attorneys Stephen Jones and Christopher Tritico. The final episode is with McVeigh Biographer and Journalist Lou Michel, author of the New York Times bestseller “American Terrorist.”

He knows all about the bombing because McVeigh told him. 

 In addition to the podcasts and scripts, Judge Birmingham will share useful tools, tips and resources for the practitioner (Here’s June’s “2 Nifty Tools For The Criminal Practitioner). Be sure and check in on the website and follow A Murderous Design on Twitter at @AMDPodcast

A Murderous Design is and has always been a “passion project” only; there is no financial gain involved. “I get to study history, see how great lawyers craft questions and arguments, learn a different style of writing, and share some of my music.  Immersing myself in these old transcripts and casefiles has made me a better lawyer and judge, and that’s worth much more than money.” The show is also available on all podcast platforms. Subscribe today!

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