Dallas County judges on call 24/7 to sign warrants

By Sarah Mervosh, Dallas News


State District Judge Jennifer Bennett was at the State Fair of Texas this fall, watching a horse show near the petting zoo, when she got a call from a detective who needed a warrant signed.

Yes, it was after work. And yes, she was busy. Still, the judge made her to way to the edge of the fair, plopped down on a curb and waited for the detective to arrive with the paperwork.

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Police work to improve public perception amid Baltimore situation

By Fox4News.com Staff

What’s happening in Baltimore is being felt by police departments across the country.

“I’ve had lots of conversations over the last two weeks with a lot of rank and file officers and officers are like this is not what I signed up for they’re looking to get out,” says Pete Schulte. “It’s that bad. In the 17 years I’ve been an officer, I’ve never seen morale this bad across the board.”

Pete Schulte is a Reserve Deputy and a criminal defense attorney is publicly saying what many police officers all across North Texas won’t say. That they believe they are now being perceived as public enemy number one.

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Sweetie’s Official Endorsement for the 292: Brandon Birmingham

By Six Days at the Fair

I’ll be honest: I haven’t given much thought to judicial elections in the past, but the entire ordeal with Judge Larry Mitchell grandly fudging up his original decision in the Justice case this week demonstrated how important it is to use the people’s power as wisely as possible moving forward. And how convenient; we are entering an election cycle as I type. Read More